My name is Tania Miranti Chumaira. I previously obtained my bachelor degree at Universitas Indonesia and master degree at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL).

Body and its relationship to space always intrigue me. Therefore, after gaining understanding towards interiority during 4-year-study I then pursued M. Arch Architectural Design (now known as Design for Performance and Interaction) focusing on interactive architecture. Joining Interactive Architecture Lab gave birth to my design thinking where architectural approaches do not only discuss boundaries as solid materials or buildings constructed by brick walls. I endeavoured to discover insight in designing architecture which is about projecting human body through space. In The Bartlett, I also had opportunity to build the design in 1 : 1 scale so I could directly examine the relationship between human and the designated space and see how the space affected human’s behaviour.

The past study period encouraged me to return to Universitas Indonesia and discuss more about interiority with some fresh insight. Teaching and exploring design through my own studio caught more of my attention and passion in extending design approach. I am currently a research and teaching fellow for Interior Architecture programme at Universitas Indonesia.


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