Creative City : Year 1 Design Studio

The project was an initial project for all students in Architectural Communication Technique studio which commonly known as Basic Design 2. The students were challenged to build a city named Creative City by using cardboard as the only material. As a bridging to the real design process, this project triggered the students to think about city inhabitants’ need as an individual yet a part of community. This task was quite interesting since it was the first time for the students designing spaces.

The project was completed by the whole class in a week. By the end of the week the students gave a brief presentation regarding their ideas, design, and also design process. It was interesting to see how they demonstrated some unique techniques in craftsmanship from how they treated the material and turned it into a new form. The techniques were not only about cutting, folding, or gluing anymore. They dared to push their boundaries to come up with fascinating techniques such as boiling, burning, or other combination techniques.




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